Benefits of using Massage Candles

Quick: What comes to mind when you think of soy candles? Before our formal introduction to soy candles, We thought organic (read expensive) and BEIGE! And not just the colour beige, but beige as an overall description for soy candles—blah like baby food, ground chick peas, and a pale winter pallour. We had no idea why it would even occur to anyone to purchase a soy candle.

We couldn't have been more wrong in my assessment! After gaining a working knowledge of candles, soy candles reside front and center in my growing candle collection. When you learn the facts, you will probably replace your paraffin candles with the soy version, at least every now and then. If you're still at the beige stage, read on while we shed a little light on the subject.

Soy lotions for every part of your body...

  • Cuticle treatments: it’s like a paraffin dip, only better! (You don’t have to remove the “wax’)
  • Dry hands: use as a hand lotion on a daily basis and see the benefits before your eyes
  • Dry elbows and knees: the massage oil candles can be used melted, or solid and simply massaged into the skin.
  • Heels and feet: for dry feet in the winter or dry scuffed sandal feet in the summer.
  • Damaged skin: skin inflamed from eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and tinea or athletes feet have benefited tremendously!
  • Painful skin: Soy Candles have been used graciously on damaged skin from cuts, burns and stretch marks.
  • Cosmetic uses: can be used to relieve razor burn on the neck, face and legs or use on the eyebrow area or bikini line to reduce irritation.
  • After a warm shower: Lock moisture into your skin by using the massage oil candles after each shower.
  • Massage: the massage oil candles can be used for a wonderfully pampering massage. In addition to the immensely pleasurable sensations created as you, your partner or a therapist applies the warm, specially formulated salve, damaged skin is rejuvenated and sore muscles and aching joints are soothed.
  • As a way to add fragrance to any room: massage oil candles come in a variety of scents. Find some you love and enjoy the aromas.